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Ranked among the most reputable and significant offshore centres in the world, Guernsey is host to a number of experienced fiduciary operations and companies involved with the structuring, launch and administration of funds as well as high quality legal, accounting and audit firms.

The practical advantages of Guernsey include: The Guernsey Financial Services Commission, a statutory, autonomous, non-governmental body, ensures that Guernsey’s regulatory regime remains pragmatic, whilst continuing to meet international standards.

Read More The island's most comprehensive collection of Guernsey French material, much of it unique, from the earliest dictionaries and poems to the most up-to-date learning materials.

Guernsey is quite simply one of the most stable, experienced and well regarded international finance centres.

Please note: Any book with a Priaulx Library label or stamp or a personal bookplate of Osmond Priaulx but without a withdrawal stamp may have been removed illegally from the Library's collection.

We politely request that anyone with knowledge of such a book contact us immediately.

Although they are not technically part of the United Kingdom (they do not send representatives to the Parliament in Westminster), they are British crown dependencies.

It is most probable that there were Jews in the Channel Islands in the Medieval period, in light of their proximity to the French mainland and that fact the islands formed part of the Duchy of Normandy, which had a significant Jewish population, particularly in the city of Rouen (from where the medieval Jewish community in England is believed to have originated).

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