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Nico's attention, however, was caught by the new development, and he watched in awe as his friend proceeded to lubricate a chrome butt plug.Which, when held reverently in the air, reflected the flickering candlelight like a holy object.Because otherwise it was so common for her to dress like a VIP escort, dance like a stripper, masturbate in public, and then blow another man whilst taking a butt plug!She was such a prude that Nico wasn't even sure she had ever gone commando.

His emotions swirled in confusion, anger and jealousy. A need to punish her newly christened cum bank of a mouth. Please...don't stop..." she pleaded, looking over her shoulder in frustration, gooey driblets on her chin.

"Oh," Sophie yelped in surprise, as cool lubricant hit her crack and slowly trickled down her perineum.

Though, fully occupied and concentrating on giving an all star blowjob, she didn't think much about it.

"I've wanted to cum inside this pretty mouth for a long time," he continued, kneeling in front of her inverted face, "and this time I will not be denied." Saying this, he grabbed the back of her dangling head with one hand and his slick cock with the other. While this was happening, Nico couldn't resist spreading Sophie's sensual thighs and peeling her engorged folds apart.

Smacking and rubbing it against her smeared lips like she was a twenty-dollar hooker, before pushing inside. Spellbound by the sticky strings of white that laced the entrance of her enraged pink vagina.

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Which is why he occasionally strayed...because life was too short to be so repressed.

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