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Entp intj dating site

Our self-awareness is the reason why I think INFPs learn quickly.

We often know right away when we’re doing it wrong so we can correct mistakes.

There’s nothing wrong with going from brand new goal to brand new goal, but isn’t it better to be a successful dilettante?

Unsuccessful dilettantes try for new Rewards because they couldn’t get the last one. Life is going from one set of problems to a better set of problems.

If you’re good at more than one thing, you can divide your stress, your self-worth and your need for safe harbor between multiple things. Getting back up and risking a new hurt is more interesting than dwelling on a past hurt. The caveat is the addiction to getting knocked down in order to feel a new hurt. Unsuccessful INFPs take the same risks and get the same failures.

Bad decisions happen and we can’t keep running away every time something goes bad. INFPs are adaptable without losing sight of our ideals. Successful INFPs take better risks to get a better chance of success.

I don’t know any INFPs that go on drinking benders, or sell everything and move to Tibet, or trash our rooms when things don’t work out. Strangely enough, the best way to nurture that one good thing is to be good at another thing also.Extroverted Intuition means we make those internal world decisions based on our external sixth sense data.For example, when I was learning a new martial art, I’d observe the black belts.Knowing if we were right or wrong about our instincts improves our chances of being right the next time.One caveat: The INFP’s Introverted Feeling is great for decisions about our internal world like deciding the kind of person we want to be.

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So what keeps INFPs from making the same bad decisions? We nurture our adaptability by focusing on our original goals despite failure while taking different actions to produce better outcomes.

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