Kenya somali dating site

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Kenya somali dating site

For nearly 100 years, it had considered this line to be its border, the government wrote.

Since Kenya and Somalia had agreed to settle the dispute out of court, Kenya appealed to the court in 2015 opposing the litigation.

Somalia has long been considered a failed state without a functioning government.

It has only had an elected president again since 2012 and now seems anxious to safeguard what it regards as its sovereign rights in the Indian Ocean.

The court represents one way of solving border conflicts in maritime areas if bilateral or regional attempts fail.

The Somali government wrote in its lawsuit that that was exactly what had happened.

The court now wants to hear both sides, beginning Monday and will then decide whether it will initiate proceedings.

Only one winner If court proceedings are opened, then the decision on the border will be binding.

Kenya's government, however, is sticking to its preferred border demarcation.

A narrow triangle off the coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean, about 100,000 square kilometers (62,000 square miles), is the bone of contention between neighboring Kenya and Somalia.

Both countries want the area because it supposedly has a large deposit of oil and gas, but it's not clear to which country it belongs. That gives Kenya the larger share of the maritime area and it has already sold mining licenses to international companies. The Somalis want the boundary to extend to the southeast as an extension of the land border.

Somalia wants the ICJ to define the boundary as laid down by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and other international sea laws.

In disputed cases, a temporary boundary is drawn along a line that is at the same distance from both coastlines, if there are no physical obstacles to this.

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"The position of the boundary is a gray area," said Timothy Walter, a maritime border conflict researcher at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in South Africa. In 2009, both countries agreed that the United Nations commission in charge of mediating border disputes should determine the border line once and for all.

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