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Methods of validating a questionnaire

Typically, the first part of the questionnaire should contain the easier questions that help to gain the respondents' cooperation.The middle series of questions contains the most important topics.

Some disadvantages are that respondents may not know how much to write or how long to spend on the answer and analyzing opened-ended questions can be a daunting task.On forming a questionnaire, pretest or pilot validation is performed, which is followed by translation into the local vernacular language of the target population to administer it to the local group of patients, because all the patients are not aware of the original language of the Questionnaire in which it formed.It is desired to be validated in that particular language by the most appropriate validation procedure for each questionnaires, because there will be chance of particular word having similar meaning in different languages which can change the interpretation of the question.Questions should be numbered and ordered in a manner that is logical to the respondent, generally using ‘Funneling’ technique that begins with simple questions to put respondents at ease and then focusing down to more specific questions [2].When developing a questionnaire, items or questions are generated that require the respondent to respond to a series of questions or statements.

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Demographic and other classification questions should appear at the end of the questionnaire.