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“Bodak Yellow (Money Moves),” released in June, clawed its way to the informal title of Song of the Summer.

Black stars uninterested in code-switching rarely translate their massive followings to traditional platforms; earlier this month, sainted Cardi B, dubbing her “New York Fashion Week’s Undisputed (and Uncensored) Front Row Queen.”And, historically, female rappers have been mostly shut out of the Billboard Hot 100’s No. The triumph of Cardi B is a rejuvenating one—a pure, brash New York story.Gloating young male rappers like Black and xxx Tentacion are currently scaling the heights of Internet-based popularity while being openly abusive to women; Cardi B is open about the abusive relationships she has endured, and what she has had to do to get out of them.To male rappers, the strip club is a temple, an affirmation of their prowess; Cardi B turned the strip club into a site of feminine ingenuity.At first, she was just another Internet character, but, slowly and organically, her bottomless supply of witticisms drew thousands to follow her account.(As of today, she has more than ten million followers.) “It’s cold outside, but I’m still looking like a thotty ’cause a ho never gets cold,” she said, twirling, in a body-con skirt and a flimsy bra top, in one popular video from 2015. There was even a weird musicality to her chosen stage name—a play on Bacardi, after the rum; her younger sister, also an Instagram star, is named Hennessy.

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The city sovereigns Remy Ma and Lil’ Kim chimed in, too. “Bodak Yellow,” the little banger that could, wasn’t meant to be anything like a referendum on the state of women in rap.

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