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With his imposing build and taciturn personality, Matamala is like Puigdemont’s shadow: he is always a few steps ahead of his friend, quietly coordinating the latter’s movements in Belgium and keeping a close eye on his surroundings.

On November 2, at the precise time when Spain’s High Court, the Audiencia Nacional, had summoned Puigdemont for a hearing over his role in the independence drive, the Catalan politician was sitting inside a café near the European Parliament, having a private conversation with Matamala.

But the N-VA denies making any contributions, either in the form of cash, housing or transportation, to the Catalan group.

Details about who is financing the latter’s stay in Belgium remain a mystery.

The communications service of the self-denominated “Office of the Legitimate Government of Catalonia” keeps a selection of media outlets informed about Puigdemont’s public events. Ramon Tremosa, an MEP for the European Democratic Party of Catalonia (PDe CAT, the new name for CDC) and one of the people who is closest to Puigdemont in Belgium, says that there is a lot of concern about his safety.

One of these officers is Lluís Escola Miquel, who helped the ousted premier get out of Spain following the central government’s application of Article 155, which involved sacking the entire regional government and calling early elections to find a new, law-abiding set of officials.

Another key individual is Joan Maria Piqué, Puigdemont’s communications coordinator.

The rally was attended by supporters who had arrived in Belgium from Catalonia to attend the Thursday demonstration in Brussels’ European neighborhood.

Wednesday was a good example of how misinformation is used to avoid unwanted media attention: following the news conference at President Park, Puigdemont’s aides assured EL PAÍS that they still didn’t know the venue for the afternoon event, even though it took place inside the same hotel and included a fundraising dinner.

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And on November 14, Antena 3 sent journalists on a search of the Belgian commune of Uccle after getting wind that the Catalan politician was hiding out there.

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