Updating my htc touch Sex dating sites kuwait

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Updating my htc touch

Sometimes the touch screen moves at such a slower rate that it causes the system to slow down or “freeze.” A “freeze” results in a black screen as the system tries to self-reboot.

Be sure the Bluetooth Setting is turned on your phone.

Since the My Ford Touch introduction in 2011, some Ford owners have experienced problems.

This workshop offers a way to reboot and reset the system.

You may see the My Ford Touch screen show the a progress screen showing that the system is “rebooting.” Allow the reboot procedure to finish and let the system runs for a few minutes to make sure everything comes back “online.” This reboots the electrical system from factory specs.

Turn off the vehicle again and open the door (this completely powers down the vehicle). Within a new minutes the system should be functioning normally again.

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Here’s what you can do to set things back to normal…